Sunday, December 15, 2013

Worst Cheesecake of My Life

          So my weekend started out great because I went shopping for my basic baking ingredients, and where did I go you ask? That's correct my favorite super store... Walmart! I am in love with store... super store. There's one just a five minute drive from my home and I would shop there for every household need.  But any ways, I bought some things for my apartment as well and myself.
             So, Friday night started out great. I reached home around 7pm, so I immediately started making a 10"round cheesecake. It takes 2 hours to bake the cheesecake (which I NOW know), but i only baked it for an hour. The first how bake at 350*F and the second hour turn off oven and leave oven door slightly open with the cake still in the oven. I also made the mistake of not letting the cream cheese come to room temperature before mixing the batter. It was a disaster ! I was so upset. It was a good thing I bought more cream cheese because I really was planning on baking two cakes. 
        Any ways as time was going I was wasting time mixing up cookie batter. I made five batches of different cookie batter: 2batches of chocolate chip; 2batches of white chocolate chip; 2batches of cranberry white chocolate chip; 1batch of white chocolate chip macadamia nut; and 1batch of red velvet white chocolate chip. I portioned the cookie batter out with a large ice cream scoop. While creaming the butter, sugars, vanilla and eggs I realized I was beginning to fall in love with the texture and flavor and how it looked like browned butter frosting that would top a nice vanilla cupcake... excluding the eggs of course. Those portioned out cookie batter is now stuffed away in my freezer until I'm ready to bake them for Christmas. I like to mix my batter ahead of time to get the hassle out of the way. That's easier for me.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Quick Test Run with the Christmas Season

I have been away for a while due to the season and business slowed down but I'm energized for another way.
So since I've been away I have down two cakes which are coincidently are 1st birthday cakes. One down in August another done in September a while after my birthday. They were both great to work on and a new experience as well.
So recently I have been looking into going to attend a culinary school to perfect my skills all around in the cooking field and cake decorating field. I have been having some personal issues in the process with school since I graduated high school. Those issues are the only thing holding me back from attending school. Hopefully in the mean time my mind will be occupied on something else other than work or school to keep positive on this tough journey.
This holiday season is Christmas and I have thought about selling my  baked goods for all holiday seasons around the year. I recently baked up some home made banana bread and home made phillidelphia cream cheese cake at home as a test run on both recipes. The banana bread is great, I found the recipe on the back of the one of the flour brand bags. I have had my eye on that recipe for a while now and i finally tried it and was perfect. The texture was nice, moist and fluffy. Plus its a great recipe with easy instructions to follow to use up any over riped bananas in the house. The cheese cake was easy as well but I have sliced it already when it was half through the chilling process. It was great with a smooth and creamy texture.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Magnificent Magnolia

I am proud of myself because I accomplished making my first two sets of Magnolia flowers. I made it from my home made batch of gum paste. Instead of buying gum paste, which to me is really expensive, I made some. I find it extremely cheaper and affordable to long as you have a stand mixer because the mixer does all the tough work. I got the recipe from Ms. Butler's class, 'Handmade Sugar Flowers'. This is my second time using the recipe and it works great.  The pliable texture is great, and the drying time is quick when you use Tylose powder. I haven't tried any other gum thickeners like CMC, etc.
           I was creative at finding a egg cookie cutter I had bought in a cutter set  for Easter, to use it as a magnolia cutter. Buying flower cutters and formers are expensive, so a person like me who is just started from the bottom will use a tool made for something totally opposite. As for a professional they too do the same thing, just to be creative. Drying time was quick, so I will definitely be making more of my magnificent magnolias.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rustic Charm with a Warm Touch

Hello everyone...
I have been gone for a while but still here. Lately I have been busy with work and my business. I recently partnered with an event planner, Sublime Moments from the Brooklyn, NY area which is where I am originally from. I discovered her through a friend of mine, who encouraged me for months to get in touch with her. So I finally emailed her and let her know I would love to make a free cake as a promotion for my business through her event planning business. So she emailed me a day or two later and it  was magic. The bad thing I blame myself for was not taking a picture of the cake before handing it off to her when she picked it up. That will be a huge lesson learned for now and the future.

Any who I made a display cake I called "Rustic Charm" because its so elegant and chic. I love the design and color scheme. The cake was for my nieces career day event. Everyone loved it. The cake design is so versatile where as it can be designed for a christening, baby shower, anniversary, engagement, wedding, etc. When taking the pics it was my first time taking professional looking pics, all cud-dos to Adobe Light room.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Belly Cake and Baby Girl on the way!

Hey yesterday I finished up a pregnant belly cake for my brothers baby shower which was awesome. The decorations was so beautiful and elegant.  So was the cake on the table, which I didn't get a pic of. But overall the event was nice. My brother is expecting his first child with his girlfriend, the baby is set to due in late June. I'm exited for him and his girlfriend taking the next step to commitment. Hope you like my cake and check out and like my Facebook page Nika Custom Cakes and view my other projection have done.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Cookie Flavors

M&M's chocolate chip cookies

Red Velvet White Chocolate chip cookies

I cater to any and every type of gathering. Email for quotes:

Baby Shower CAKE for the month of May

           Hey I haven't been blogging lately but I'm still around. So, I have an order for two cakes coming up in May for my brothers girlfriend baby shower. His girlfriend ask for a belly cake and another cake. But the second cake I choose to surprise her with. The flavors are vanilla and red velvet. I'm so excited to show off my  talent to everyone.

          I have seen new  techniques I would love to incorporate into the design as one of the finishing elements. One of the techniques is using a sheen finish on the entire cake for a luster dust look. Another I will be doing is making a figure out of modeling chocolate as the topper. This will be a great journey to learn new techniques and to show my talented skills poof to other people. I will definitely post pics when the time comes up.